There are many parts to your fireplace. They include the flashing, the damper, and the chimney cap. However, these are just a few. Each of these parts plays an important part in using your fireplace. Plus, keeping each of them in a state of good repair is important. This is to ensure that you can continue to enjoy relaxing evenings in front of a crackling fire. Another important part of your chimney is the chimney liner.

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Chimney Liners

If you own a new home, it’s a good bet that you already have a chimney liner. If your home was built earlier than the 1940’s, chances are your chimney doesn’t have a liner. Is it such a big deal if your chimney is lined?

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, a chimney liner plays a vital role in assuring that your fireplace is running safely and efficiently.

In order for modern wood stoves and fireplaces to run efficiently, a chimney needs the correct sized flue liner. An incorrectly sized liner can cause a quicker than acceptable creosote build-up. This can greatly decrease the efficiency of your fireplace. Also, when you burn a wood fire in your fireplace, gases are formed that can cause damage to the mortar joints inside your chimney. If these joints sustain enough damage, they can break down to the point where these dangerous gases can leak back into your home. Consequently, causing health issues for the people you love. The professionals at Michael’s Chimney Service can check out your chimney and determine whether your flue is sized correctly. In addition, they can then make recommendations on whether your liner needs to be replaced.

Time For A Replacement

According to, one of the main reasons that chimney liners need to be replaced is because they weren’t a part of your chimney in the first place. There are other reasons as well. Precipitation, combined with combustion gases, can work to erode your existing chimney liner. That’s a problem, because there’s no way to protect your chimney from the elements. Another thing that can damage your chimney liner is the passing of time. Just like everything else in your home, age can play a role in the breakdown of your chimney liner. A breakdown in your liner means a breakdown in the efficiency and safety of your fireplace as a whole.

Who Can Help?

As with any problem with your fireplace, it’s always best to call CSIA certified professionals. The professionals at Michael’s Chimney Service are exactly that. Not only are they expert at inspecting and cleaning your fireplace system, they also are expert at rebuilding or repairing any part of your fireplace system. Michael’s Chimney Service sells only the highest quality chimney liners, like Olympia liners. They can also check out your furnace, boiler, or water heater flues while they are inspecting your chimney liner. They’ll work hard to make sure that any and all of your flue liners stay clean and running efficiently! Give the experts at Michael’s Chimney Service a call today at 860-920-9120.