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Have you noticed efficiency issues with your chimney and hearth? Has a chimney inspection revealed damage or a sizing issue with your chimney liner? The team here at Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration can help. We have years of expert training and experience installing and replacing chimney liners of all types. Whether your chimney system lacks a liner altogether or simply needs to be relined, our team of Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified professionals can help.

Brand new stainless steel chimney cap installed on chimney

Why & When Does My Chimney Need To Be Relined?

A chimney may need to be relined for a number of different reasons, the most common being the following:

Damaged Liner – Chimney liners can undergo quite a bit of damage over time, especially if the chimney system is not regularly cleaned or vital chimney components, like the cap, are missing or damaged. Whether caused by the highly acidic byproducts of oil or gas combustion or moisture from rain and snow, metal and clay tile liners can deteriorate and develop holes or cracks. When this happens, the safety and efficiency of the entire chimney system and hearth appliance, furnace, boiler, or water heater is compromised and the system will need to be relined. If the chimney is not relined, your appliance will be a poor performer; carbon monoxide and smoke can make their way into your home; and heat and byproducts can make their way into the walls surrounding your chimney, causing structural damage and even house fire.

Change In Fuel Types/Appliance Types – Different fuels produce different levels of heat and different byproducts. Unfortunately, not all liner materials are designed to handle the heat and byproducts of each fuel type. If your chimney has been venting a gas appliance but you’re switching to wood, for example, your liner may not be right for the switch and may need to be replaced.

Chimney technician prepping new liner in driveway next to service truck before install
Change In Appliance Size – For maximum efficiency, the liner of your chimney needs to be appropriately sized for the size of the fireplace, stove, or insert it’s venting. If you’re switching out appliances and choose one that is larger or smaller than your existing appliance, a new liner may be needed.

Missing Liner – Historically, chimneys haven’t always been lined. If you have an older chimney that was constructed without a liner, you’re at serious risk of fire and other hazards, like carbon monoxide poisoning. The National Bureau of Standards states that a chimney without a liner is so dangerous, it’s “little less than criminal.”

Whatever your reason for needing a new chimney liner, we can help.

New Chimney liner and cap products from Olympia Liners

We Install Quality, Long-Lasting Liners From Olympia Chimney

Here at Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration, we sell and install the best chimney liners in the world – Olympia liners. These high-quality, titanium alloy stainless steel liner systems are designed to improve the efficiency of your stove, fireplace, insert, or furnace, and contain and remove the gases and byproducts of combustion from your home.

When you have your chimney relined by a professional from Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration, you can expect a perfect fit and a perfect installation, no matter what type or size appliance you are venting. All of our liners are constructed of quality materials and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

New stainless steel furnace flues installed

We Also Reline Gas & Oil Furnace, Water Heater, & Boiler Flues!

Did you know your furnace, water heater, or boiler flue can also undergo extensive damage from moisture and acidic byproducts? Like your hearth’s flue, it’s imperative that your furnace, boiler, or water heater flue stay clean and in great condition. In fact, furnace flues need to be serviced year round to ensure the safety, efficiency, and function of the system. If an inspection or routine maintenance service reveals that your furnace, boiler, or water heater flue needs to be relined, we can help! Give us a call to learn more!

Get The Best Liners & The Best Fit With Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration

If you’re in need of a new chimney liner, call on Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration. Our team can provide you with a properly sized, professionally designed and installed liner system that will serve you for years and years. Call us at 203-456-5750 or click here to request an appointment with one of our CSIA-certified professionals today!


If you need a new stove, insert or chimney cap, you’re in luck. Chimney installations is one of the chimney services provided by our trained crews. So give us a call and let’s get the ball rolling!