Wood Stoves & Inserts Provide The Classic Allure Of A Real Wood Fire

Since the introduction of fire, mankind has been mesmerized by the flicker and dance of the flame, and warmed by its radiant heat. For this reason, for many homeowners, there’s simply no option other than wood. If that’s you, we have good news!

Modern wood stoves and inserts provide even more warmth and charm with fewer environmental repercussions. Here at Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration, we install Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved appliances, which offer cleaner, greener, more complete combustion. And since they’re contained, unlike open hearth fireplaces, they put more heat into your home, with virtually no waste. Modern wood inserts and stoves will give you the classic look and feel you love, using less fuel and leaving less post-fire ash and creosote to clean up.

New, black, modern wood stove set in existing open hearth brick fireplace
With a modern wood stove or wood stove insert, you’ll enjoy these features:

  • Added Convenience – Many of today’s wood stoves and wood stove inserts come with self-cleaning glass options, easy igniter buttons, and other features that make them easier to use and enjoy than stoves and inserts of old.
  • Less Pollution – One major flaw with old wood appliances is that they produce a lot of byproducts, which can negatively affect the environment. Not so with today’s wood stoves and wood stove inserts! Modern appliances produce as much as 90% less emissions, meaning less smoke production and less environmental impact.
  • More Complete Burn – Additionally, today’s wood stoves and wood stove inserts provide a more complete burn, giving you greater amounts of heat using less fuel. And with a more complete burn comes less creosote production and less post-fire cleanup.

What’s The Difference Between A Wood Stove & A Wood Stove Insert?

So you know you want a wood-burning appliance, but should you opt for a stove or an insert? Fair question! The biggest difference between a wood stove and a wood stove insert is that a wood stove can be installed virtually anywhere in your home, while a wood stove insert will be installed in your existing fireplace and will vent through your existing chimney.

If you have any questions about wood stoves or wood stove inserts or you’re ready to have your new appliance professionally installed in your home, give us a call at 203-456-5750. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with fast, professional installation services and can answer any questions you may have. Call or click here to request an appointment!


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