Protect Your Chimney With Professional Weatherproofing

There’s no doubt that masonry is strong and long-lasting. But how can you prevent some of the damage and deterioration that naturally occurs over time? Professional chimney weatherproofing services can help! Here at Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration, we use the highest-quality and most trusted products in the industry to bring our customers throughout Westchester, Fairfield, and Tolland the best chimney masonry protection possible.

technicians treating chimney masonry with Chimney Saver water repellent

Why Is Water Repellent Necessary?

Unfortunately, brick and mortar can absorb small amounts of moisture each and every time it rains, snows, or sleets. And when this happens, as temperatures shift, the water can expand and contract (thermal expansion/freeze-thaw cycle), causing the brick and mortar to crack, crumble, and deteriorate from the inside out. The only proven way to prevent this is to have a professional-grade water repellent applied to the masonry. But not just any water repellent will do.

Many water repellents are silicone-based and can actually trap moisture inside of the brick and mortar. Applying a silicone-based water repellent can actually do more damage to your masonry than doing nothing at all.

Here at Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration, we know how important it is that masonry be allowed to breathe, which is why we apply ChimneySaver water-repellent products, which are specifically designed for chimney masonry and are 100% vapor permeable.

What Is ChimneySaver Water Repellent & How Is It Different?

ChimneySaver is “The Leader In Chimney Protection” and provides an array of water-repellent products for professional waterproofing results, including water-base, solvent-base, and stain-blocking options. The team here at Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration swears by these products and has seen the difference they can make.

Because ChimneySaver’s water and weatherproofing products are not actually sealants and don’t form a film on the surface of the masonry like silicone-based weatherproofing products, they don’t trap moisture inside of the masonry or leave a glossy look to your masonry. Instead, these products are absorbed by the masonry, lining the actual pores of the masonry and preventing water from entering. The result: 99.9% water penetration reduction.

Perks Of Waterproofing With ChimneySaver

  • Will not alter the look of your chimney
  • 10-Year Warranty when professionally applied
  • 100% vapor permable so your masonry can breathe
  • Bring protection against efflorescence, staining, mildew, fungus, and freeze/thaw
  • Eco-friendly
Closer view of technician treating chimney masonry with Chimney Saver Water repellent

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