If you love summer, you’re probably pretty excited that the cold, snowy days of winter have just about passed. Even a warm weather lover has to admit that there is some part of winter that is comforting and cozy: warming up in front of a roaring blaze in your beautiful fireplace. Summer is just around the corner and  it’s about time to start thinking about closing your fireplace down for the season. Here are some tips to help you close out your fireplace before your annual chimney cleaning and inspection.

Getting it Cleaned Up

When it comes to deep cleaning your chimney, you know it’s best to call in the pros. But if your annual cleaning isn’t set until the middle of the summer, you’ll want to take some steps to close out your fireplace on your own.

First, make sure to clean out the ashes. Since these ashes can sometimes be pretty fly-away, you’ll want to scoop the ashes slowly and carefully into a bag. You can use a spray bottle to spritz the ashes down before scooping. Another tip is to put used coffee grounds on the ashes to prevent fly-away ashes when scooping.

You can clean the bricks on the exterior of your fireplace by spraying them with a little water and cleaning them with a cloth. Additionally, there are cleaning products designed just for this purpose. If you choose to use a hearth cleaner, check the label to be sure it’s safe on the type of bricks you have. Lastly, clean your glass fireplace doors by spraying these with a hearth cleaner and wiping them dry with a clean cloth.

If you own a gas fireplace, make sure that you have turned the pilot light off. This small flame does use energy, and no one wants a bigger energy bill!


The dampers in your chimney hold a two-fold purpose: one, they prevent the cool air from your air conditioning from escaping up the chimney as well as preventing air from outside coming into your home, and two, they can prevent odors from your chimney from coming into your home. Make sure that you close the fireplace dampers when you’re done with the burning season.

Call in the Professionals

The one thing you definitely don’t want to forget is to set up an appointment for your annual chimney inspection and cleaning. The Chimney Safety Institute of America explains that annual cleaning and inspection can protect your home from chimney fires and gas poisoning. They also recommend only hiring chimney sweeps that are CSIA certified, like the chimney sweeps at Michael’s Chimney Service. Give Michael’s a call today to set up your annual chimney inspection and cleaning, and you will know that your chimney is ready for use through the next winter season.