Michael’s Chimney Sweeping Services Give Customers In Fairfield and Surrounding Areas The Security They Deserve

Whether it be an evening during the warmth of the holidays or a snowy day with the family, nothing can bring loved ones together like a crackling fire. That’s why the skilled professionals of Michael’s Chimney Service and Restoration band together to provide services that will reduce your household’s risk of chimney fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other dangers, creating a better, more enjoyable fireside experience.

Considering the fact that Michael’s Chimney Service has been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it’s no surprise that the residents of Westchester, Tolland, and Fairfield counties have depended on Michael’s trusted name for quality chimney sweeping services for nearly a decade. We work hard to keep the chimney systems of our neighbors cleaner, safer, and more efficient, season after season.

Creosote, Soot, Debris, & Other Hazards That Sweeping Eradicates

A highly combustible material called creosote results from burning wood and finds its dwelling place in the inner walls of your chimney. This material, as described by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), can be “crusty and flaky, tar-like, drippy, and sticky, or shiny and hardened.” The consistency of creosote largely depends upon whether it exists in the form of first, second, or third degree buildup.

Factors such as unseasoned wood or restricted air supply can encourage creosote buildup, and third degree buildup can happen over time if the chimney is not well cared for and regularly swept. This type of creosote is much more dangerous and much more difficult to remove than first or second degree. Keeping up with annual chimney sweepings can eliminate this problem and stave off any future creosote accumulation, greatly reducing your risk of chimney fire and damage.

But creosote isn’t the only thing that can build up and damage your chimney. Highly acidic gases from your gas or oil burner or appliance can also condense on the inside of your chimney and wreak havoc. Especially in situations where the flue is too large to fully heat up, these gases may simply condense and cool on the surface instead of being vented up and out of the home. Many homeowners forget about their furnace flue, but it’s imperative that you have your gas or oil furnace flue serviced year round and regularly inspected, sweeping and relining it as needed.

Side by side view of before and after creosote removal in flue after chimney sweep service
Chimney sweep vacuum equipment set up with fireplace opening blocked off

Equipment & Knowledge You Can Depend On

During an annual chimney sweeping, we use a rotating brush system and our powerful 3-motor HEPA vacuum to “power” clean and extract creosote, soot, buildup, and ash from the fireplace, smoke shelf, and flue of your chimney system, leaving your chimney safer and cleaner. We’ll also remove any debris or nesting materials that may have made their way into your chimney system.

If you’re having your oil or gas furnace flue cleaned, we’ll remove any corrosive byproducts that may have settled along the walls of the flue and make sure everything is clean, obstruction-free, and working properly.

During the sweeping process, we completely seal off your fireplace to ensure total containment of any loosened debris. We use A.W. Perkins (“Home of the Best Power Sweeping Tools for Dryer Vent and Chimney Cleaning”) 3-motor HEPA vacuums to clean your chimney. Because our employees care about floor and property protection, we wear shoe covers – so you won’t have to worry about scuff marks, soot, or debris on your floor.

Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration believes in quality, dependability, and expediency. Once we’ve finished cleaning, we follow up with a video inspection.

Schedule A Sweeping With A Company You Can Trust

Don’t hire just anyone to sweep and care for your chimney — hire the team at Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration! We’re CSIA-certified and are highly trained to be knowledgeable and ethical businessmen. Setting the standard in trust and customer education, Michael’s Chimney Service excels at cultivating a brand that consistently meets the needs of our customers.

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Plan on our professional NFPA chimney inspection every year to keep your chimney in top shape. Ask us about all our other chimney services, too.