We’re Your Local Chimney Rebuild Specialists

Is your chimney leaning, damaged beyond repair, or so poorly constructed that you’re experiencing all sorts of efficiency and safety issues? If so, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified and experienced team at Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration can help.

For nearly a decade, we have been traveling throughout Westchester, Fairfield, and Tolland counties to bring residents of NY and CT the very best in chimney rebuilds. We take great care to protect the home and property on each and every job, respecting the time, budgets, and goals of each customer. Whether you are looking to have your chimney replaced with something virtually identical in aesthetic style or something truly unique, we have the tools and experience to meet your needs.

technician standing on scaffolding while rebuilding chimney on roof

When Is A Rebuild Necessary?

The best way to know if your chimney is in need of repair or a rebuild is to schedule an inspection with a CSIA-certified chimney professional. During an inspection, we’ll check the system from top to bottom and let you know what kind of condition your chimney is in and what repairs are necessary.

Some of the most common reasons we perform chimney rebuilds include the following:

  • The existing chimney isn’t tall enough to properly and efficiently vent. To achieve adequate draft, the chimney should be the tallest thing on your property. If it isn’t, you may experience an inefficient appliance, smoke problems, downdrafts, and other issues that can threaten the safety and enjoyment of your fireside experience.
  • The existing chimney is structurally unstable or unsafe, i.e. The chimney is leaning or separating from the home; it was improperly designed; a chimney fire has caused damage; or a severe weather event has caused structural damage.

Whatever the reason for your chimney rebuild, Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration can help. Our team has been expertly trained and has undergone certification with the CSIA to ensure the most professional, durable, and beautiful results. If your chimney is in need of a rebuild, give us a call. With Michael’s Chimney Service & Restoration on the job, you’ll be enjoying your new chimney in no time. Call 203-456-5750or click here to request an appointment today!


Weatherproofing your chimney is a smart investment that will help keep unwanted moisture out of your chimney and fireplace, preventing future damage and expensive repairs. Let one of our team members talk to you about this chimney repair and rebuild service.