Owning a home with a fireplace is something that many people dream about. Unfortunately, that isn’t always one of the options that is available in the homes that are on the market where you are looking. Or class-a-chimney-installations-img-fairfield-ct-michaels-chimney-service-restorationperhaps you’ve found the perfect home, but the only thing missing is a fireplace. Does this mean that you have to let your dream go up in smoke? Not at all! There are definitely things that you can do that will give you a beautiful fireplace or stove, even though you don’t have an existing chimney. The experts at Michael’s Chimney Service  know that it’s easy to install a heating system by using a Class A Chimney system.

What is a Class A Chimney Installation?

According to the Class A Chimney website, a Class A chimney is an independent unit that is designed for home usage. Because it doesn’t require any masonry, it can be installed on the inside of your home or on the outside of your home. Because of the double wall pipe system, almost any type of fuel (wood, coal, most other fuels) can be vented through it.
Because this is an independent system, it is easy to install with your choice of a new heating system. Also, because of the insulation or cooling spaces that these systems have, the back of the fireplace can be closer to flammable materials than a masonry chimney can. This means that you can install a pre-built fireplace or a wood or pellet stove and that this can be added to any room of your home. So if you’ve been looking to add a cozy touch to a family room, a dining area, a bedroom, or any other room in your home, a Class A chimney system is the way to go.

Money Saving Option

Not only is a Class A chimney system easy to install, it’s also a money saver. Installing a traditional brick and mortar fireplace is a more expensive process than adding a Class A chimney system to your home. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) website, these factory built chimney systems are light weight and don’t require a concrete foundation that masonry systems need. Not only does this make your Class A chimney easy to place in any room in your home, it also makes it much more cost effective and easy on your budget.

What Products Are Best?

The knowledgeable experts at Michael’s Chimney Service use Olympia “Ventis” Class A all-fuel chimneys. These high quality chimney systems are made in the U.S.A. and come with a lifetime guarantee. According to the Olympia Chimney Supply website, their equipment is made with only the best materials available. Plus, Michael’s uses the same system to vent other appliances, such as your boiler or water heater.

When you combine the quality products that Michael’s Chimney Service uses with the knowledge and expertise of the professionals at Michael’s, you can rest assured that your new heating appliance will keep you cozy and warm for years to come.