Although your fireplace and chimney may seem like it’s built to withstand time and the elements, this is not the reality. The masonry, or mortar, that holds your chimney together needs to be inspected from year to year. This is to look for signs of damage that can occur in a variety of ways. Although you can see some visible signs of wear and tear, it takes an expert, like those at Michael’s Chimney Service, to really dig in and discover the early signs of breakdown.

Get Your Masonry Repairs Before The Snow Flies - Fairfield CT - Michaels Chimney ServiceWhat Causes Breakdown?

There are several things that can work to cause deterioration in your chimney. Probably, the most common issues are caused by precipitation that your chimney is exposed to throughout the year. Best Picks Reports states that snow, rain, or other forms of precipitation can cause leaks in the chimney itself. In addition, causes rust in different components of your chimney, such as damper or firebox assemblies. Not only this, but are you experiencing bad odors coming from your chimney? This could also be caused by precipitation permeating the masonry of your chimney. Plus, during the cold northeast winters, the freeze-thaw cycle can also cause serious damage.

The very act of burning a fire can also cause a breakdown in the mortar that is holding the bricks or stones in your fireplace together. According to, when wood is burned slowly, smoke condenses on the cooler surface of your chimney.  This gives your chimney a sticky, highly flammable build-up. This build-up can cause chimney fires. The high temperatures that are a result can damage the clay liner in a masonry chimney. But, this doesn’t mean that home owners with gas-heating appliances don’t have to worry. These can also cause problems for your chimney. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, gas burning appliances can leave corrosive substances that can damage the mortar in your chimney. This is almost more serious than the creosote build-up left by wood fires because it isn’t as visible, and therefore can easily be overlooked.

What To Do

Breakdown of the mortar in your chimney can cause serious problems if left unattended. That’s why it is so important to have your chimney inspected, cleaned, and repaired on an annual basis. It may seem that this is excessive. However, consider the damage that may occur to your home because of a breakdown in your chimney. It is a simple solution to what could be a serious problem. And now, when you can feel by the chill in the air that winter is just around the corner, is the time to act. You’ll soon be burning fires on a regular basis.

So, before the snows of winter make their arrival, be sure to call the experts at Michael’s Chimney Service for your yearly inspection. They will be able to find any problems that exist and take care of necessary repairs. Also, they will give your chimney a good cleaning or suggest any replacement work that needs to be done. Give yourself one less thing to think about as winter approaches. Leave that worry in the capable hands of the professionals at Michael’s Chimney Service!