It’s that holiday time of year! You’ve planned everything from the Christmas cards you’ll be sending to the treats you’ll be serving. The fudge is made and popcorn balls sit in a festive bowl. Not to mention, the frosted cookies are waiting to be placed next to a glass of milk on the mantle, so that Santa can have a tasty treat! Now that everything is ready, you’ll want to make sure that you are burning the right type of wood to get the best holiday fire possible.

Pick the Right Wood for Your Holiday Fire - Fairfield CT - Michael's Chimney ServiceFire-log or Fire Wood?

Your first decision should be whether you want to burn a traditional wood fire or a manufactured wood-log. According to Science 2.0, “Manufactured fire-logs combine two industrial byproducts, sawdust and petroleum wax, which are mixed and extruded into familiar log like shapes.” These fire-logs are convenient to use. This is because they don’t need kindling or starter material. Plus, the burn is consistent, they produce less emissions than wood, and leave relatively little ash to clean up. However, one negative thing is that they don’t produce much heat.

Looking for a warm, crackling fire that you can cozy up in front of with a warm mug of hot cocoa? Then what you’ll want is to burn wood.

What Type of Wood Should You Burn?

There are different types of wood to buy, depending on what type of fire you want. What better time than Christmas to try some tricks to make your fire smell sweet, or spicy, or woodsy? There are different ways you can accomplish this. One is to try a few of them to find what works for you.

You can try burning different types of wood in order to get different aromas. According to Household Tips Guide, if you burn apple wood, you will get a smoky apple scent that evokes memories of apple pie or apple dumplings fresh out of the oven. To make it even more special, try adding a cinnamon stick or two to make it even spicier.

Another type of wood that gives off a sweet, woodsy smell is cedar wood. Make sure that this wood is really dry, or you may end up with a very smoky fire. If you want the classic Christmas smell of pine, burn pine cones in your fire. Here again, make sure they are very dry. If you don’t, they won’t burn well, and may even pop and shoot out hot sap.

You can also try other things to make your fire smell better. Adding dried apples and oranges to your fire will add a sweet fragrance to your home. You can also add orange and lemon peels for a clean, fresh scent. In addition, you can also buy fragrance oils, such as vanilla or lavender, and add a few drops to the wood you’re burning.

Michael’s Chimney Service

Whatever you decide to do to make your fire smell memorable, the first step should be making sure that your fireplace is in tip top shape. And for that, the place to call is Michael’s Chimney Service. They can make sure that your fireplace is in great working condition before the holiday season. So now, finding the best smell to fill the house is the only thing you have to worry about! Call Michael’s Chimney Service today!