Nice Weather Chimney Cleanings Image - Fairfield CT - Michael's Chimney ServiceThere are so many things that need to be done before winter weather hits. You’ll want to make sure your house is deep-cleaned, get your windows clean and sparkly, and clean out your garage so you can get your car in before the snow starts to fall. But another thing that you definitely don’t want to forget to do is to get your chimney inspected and swept before you start building fires in your fireplace to ward off the cold winter days and nights. And if your chimney is in need of repair, now is the time to get it done! The professionals at Michael’s Chimney Service are the people to call to make sure your chimney is ready for those snowy days that are fast approaching.

Why is it so Important to Have my Chimney Serviced Yearly?

There are several good reasons to have your chimney cleaned now, as the days of snowy weather loom closer. One reason is because summer and fall can leave your chimney full of dead leaves, twigs, and even bird, squirrel, or other animal nests. These blockages can force the air that is supposed to be escaping through your chimney back down into your house. Worse yet, if sparks from your fire catch onto the blockage, a chimney fire could occur.

Another reason it is so important to have your chimney cleaned now, before winter and fireplace season sets in, is because it is probably very dirty from last year’s fires. According to the GuideOne Insurance website, when the water vapor, unburned wood particles, tar fog, and other minerals that are released while a fire is burning make their way up your chimney, it causes a build-up of creosote in your chimney. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) website states that, if this creosote build-up equals or exceeds ¼ inch it needs to be removed by a CSIA certified professional.

There may also be damage to your chimney that only a professional can see during a thorough inspection. If your chimney is subjected to precipitation and then a freeze occurs, the liquid that penetrated the mortar or even the bricks in your chimney will freeze and expand, causing bigger cracks in the mortar or bricks. If this cycle happens often enough, structural damage could occur. And if that damage is left unchecked for a long time, you could be in for some major repair costs. Catching the damage before it is allowed to get too far could save you from a lot of headaches and money loss, and the best way to catch that damage is by having a professional like those at Michael’s Chimney Service come in to inspect and clean your chimney.

Hiring Qualified Technicians

It is important to hire CSIA trained professionals when getting your chimney inspected and cleaned, and Michael’s Chimney Service is proud to hire professionals that have undergone extensive training and are CSIA certified. It is this commitment to excellence that assures you that your fireplace and chimney will be in great shape for the fast-approaching winter season.